Travel through Ecosystems using Augmented Reality
Through a previous research about ecosystems, their main features and characteristics. Students will develop their short video, using different apps, in which they will insert themselves and make up their own story where they include a journey through the main ecosystems where they will display their main features.
Through the use of technology and some apps, such as green screen, Surreal AR, and movie maker, they will recreate the main ecosystems and insert themselves or their main characters in each of the ecosystems they visit, and the challenges they will face in each of them.
Students will develop their creativity, and language skills through the making of this presentation. They will first make up their own script and prepare a presentation or short movie using green screen and movie maker, and then insert the characters or objects they want in each ecosystem, which will make this meaningful and enjoyable.

Purpose and Objectives:
The purpose of this activity is that students recognize the main ecosystems and their features, such as location, climate, bodies of water, wildlife, etc. Students will make their own research in different sources, and then, they will have to appropriate the knowledge to create their script for a story of their own. This will make it fun and meaningful to them.
They will learn to use different apps and tools to organize their ideas, and create their own video which will be used to manage their oral language and skills, and reinforce their knowledge about ecosystems and their importance for life on Earth.
While the video is screened, AR will display information about each ecosystem, or living thing in it.

Outline:   (Contents – activity -- time)
Contents: Ecosystems, rain forest, tundra, desert, grassland, wetland, main characteristics as location, climate, wildlife, interaction among living things.
The presentation will be made through a poster in which students will introduce what they already learned about ecosystems, and then they will invite the audience to enjoy the video. Students will insert themselves in the video while travelling around them.
After the screening of the video, students will explain the process of making the video using the different apps, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame it. Then, they will organize a session of questions and answers to establish a conversation with the audience. They will expose all what they learned by doing this fun and creative activity.
Students will share their knowledge and involve the audience while having a conversation with them, and asking them to participate while using their electronic devices to enjoy the AR of the video.