The Human Body Inside Out


Through the use of the green screen, students will transform the way they see the human body and will develop their artistic and technological potential. Exposing four of the main systems, with a wide perspective of their parts, functions, and importance in an extraordinary way makes their learning meaningful.

This session provides students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and apply it through the use of technology and art. Students are facilitated with the necessary tools to be engaged in a meaningful learning process of the human body with the use of the Arloon App and My Incredible Body App which is presented it in a tridimensional way. While using the Green Screen App by Do Ink, they will make and edit a presentation video about the main body systems. Painting shirts with the body systems and creating posters with graphic organizers through the Canva App helps them develop their creativity. In the final stage of the project, students will be able to reinforce their own learning by watching themselves on the video, thus achieving meaningful learning. This process also gives educators the chance to upgrade their learning and technological abilities in collaboration with their peers.


“The Human Body Inside Out” is a project that helps students understand how the human body works. The use of technology in the classroom stimulates student’s creativity and connects them with their personal interests. Green Screen App is a tool that promotes students creativity and motivates them to create their own learning methods as they become the center of their own learning. Students will be able to reinforce their learning by watching themselves on the video, thus achieving meaningful experiences. During the exposition, our students will demonstrate the process behind the scenes, and will explain the steps on how to work with a Green Screen App, how to edit professionally, and create videos. Educators that visit us will see how to use Green Screen App to create videos, and make posters with the Canvas App.


During the poster session, students will present the videos and posters they made during their project. Furthermore, they will portrait the skills developed when carrying out this project with the use of technology. While wearing their human body inside out, students will show attendees how to produce a small video with the Green Screen App, and how to edit it. Additionally, the use of the Canva App will help them create a poster. Don´t miss it!


Human Body Lesson Plan Human Body Poster Rubric Human Body Oral Presentation Rubric