Gardening Apps as Tools to Create School Food Gardens


With the help of the Maceto Huerto App students will gain basic and detailed information about how and when to grow vegetables, be able to create, design, and maintain their own school garden. Students will have the opportunity to appreciate the advantages in the use of technology in healthy food production.

Experience the use of Maceto Huerto App and sharing experiences, will provide a technological learning tool that students will be able to use in their daily activities in their school garden. This will enable students acquire knowledge, identification, and problem solving related to agricultural and environmental matters. Furthermore, through the Maceto Huerto App chat, students will share experiences with other students and people around the world.


1-. Participants will be able to recognize the components of the Maceto Huerto App and use it in their personal experience in their school garden.

2-. - Participants will obtain substantial benefits with the use of gardening apps (different examples) and technological tools (arduino, drip irrigation, meteorological measurements etc.) for the activities in their school garden..

3-. - Participants will acknowledge the importance of having a place in their school where to grow vegetables and its relevance as didactic material for different school topics.

The Maceto Huerto App is meant to be used for gardening related activities. Therefore, for the use of the app it is necessary to have a designated space in school for the development of a garden. It doesn’t matter if you have a pot garden or a raised bed garden as long as you have growing vegetables going around.

Maceto Huerto App is a very simple and straightforward application that helps in the planning, designing and maintenance of a garden. It is composed of a year-round garden planner, a companion planting guide, advice for proper organic composting and natural pest controls. Besides, it has a chat where you can solve any doubts you have with people owning the application all over the world. Moreover, it has its own media source that enhances and shares garden knowledge related topics.

The poster will show how technological apps can be a very powerful tool when working in school gardens. There are several gardening apps; however, we will focus on our experience of how Maceto Huerto App gives students the capacity of discernment when making decisions during the process of design, creation and maintenance of a school garden. In addition, we will share how school gardens promote respect for nature and value in growing our own healthy food